Soccer Moms...

“…a lovely fusion of three excellent actresses [Kristin Stewart Chase, Heather Dilly & Nancy Ringham] giving nuanced performances, diving into the emotional undercurrents of the playwright’s slick style, under the knowing direction of Judith Ivey.” 
-The New York Times

A Heartbeat to Baghdad…(w/Gloria Reuben & Phyllis Somerville)

“Director Jim Simpson coaxes some heartrending performances particularly from Kristin Stewart Chase as a young war widow and Phyllis Somerville as a spunky senior who’s seen it all.” 
–Time Out New York

Twelfth Night… *oobr award*

“Each performer in the cast was delightful, turning the familiar characters into true, and truly funny, human beings, each had their moment of absolute genius. Kristin Stewart Chase made an endearing yet scrappy Viola.”

The Lower Depths…

“Among the memorable character performances were Kristin Stewart Chase as the deluded Nastya…” 

The Woman…

“Kelly is played by Kristin Stewart [Chase], who steals the show by making the switch-board girl’s motives completely opaque, unflappable and unbreakable without seeming stubborn or dim.” 
–Show Business Weekly

AJAX (por nobody)…

“…the actors, members of the always inventive Bat Theater Company, make it irresistibly, often painfully seductive.” 
-The New York Times

“The story is pornographic, but the delivery is utterly immaculate. Voices, rhythms, gestures, faces and eyes; the silken acting of Kristin Stewart [Chase], the stylish direction of Jim Simpson…” 
-Herald Sun, Melbourne, Australia

“Tuan’s tongue-in-cheek tone nailed by performers, Joanie Ellen, Sam Marks, Alfredo Narciso, Kristin Stewart Chase and Siobhan Towey.” 
-The Village Voice


Touch The Names…

“Passages from the letters intelligently chosen from among thousands found at the [Vietnam Veterans] memorial since 1982 are performed as monologues by ten highly accomplished actors.” -Time Out New York

“Kristin Stewart Chase charms with a rueful smile as she wishes a brother “Happy New Year.” 

Dear Prudence…

“The play opens on a refreshingly unbridled note with Prudence (Kristin Stewart Chase) atop her current boy-toy…The actors are all game. Chase is delightful.”

“…the very talented cast brings great joy and energy to the production…in particular, sprightly performances by Chase and the multi-tasking [Ian] Khan…” 

Antigone & Ismene…

[From Ismene as the Entertainment Reporter]… “a serene human vacuum straight from E! (Kristin Stewart Chase) gracefully swap[s] characters for Antigone. The performances in both plays are excellent.”
-Show Business Weekly



“In a raw and raucous production…Jim Simpson and his Bat Theater Company…rekindle a sense of adventure that is too often missing in today’s theater.” 
-The New York Times

Blonde Reel Reviews…

“KBS- Got a chance to look at your reel. Watched it a couple of times and…It looks great! This is a great intro to you and should be able to help you open some doors. Congrats! All the best - krak ” 
-Bob Krakower

“Loved Maura. Maura was channeling…Maura was mesmerizing.” 
-Robert Russell, Warner Bros Telepictures